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HOT NEWS from Avigra Communication
Avigra has been appointed as the communication & brand consultant for the Community Access Point (CAP) Project by the Indonesian Ministry of Information & The World Bank. The project plans to establish 212 internet & information centers West Java and South Sumatera.
The Ministry of Education appointed Avigra to design & produce its interactive test & asessment material for senior high schools. The material is used by the Ministry's learning centers all accross Indonesia
The Ministry of Trade appointed Avigra to lead and handle the "I Love Indonesia" campaign. Joining forces with four other agencies, the mega campaign was launched by the minister herself and a few parliament members
The Ministry of Education appointed Avigra handle its most recent campaign: "The National Test". The campaign was launched on TVs and Radios Nationally.
Sinar Mas Land, the holding company of Sinar Mas Group real estate division, recently appointed Avigra to redesign its corporate ID and corporate ID Manual System.
BII ( Bank International Indonesia ) recently appointed Avigra to rebrand its Signage System and ATM ( Automated Teller Machines ).
OCBC NISP appointed Avigra to redesign its Internet Banking Interactive Multimedia Training package. Using the latest multimedia technology, Avigra's interactive division developed a user friendly interactive program.
"The National Proficiency Test" Campaign was designed and produced by Avigra. This Ministry of Education Program was designed for those who dropped out from high schools
Ardian Elkana, the president of Avigra Communication was awarded "the digitalpreneur of the year" by TELKOM Indigo Fellows and Warta Ekonomi Magazine.
"When Mr Wang Ying of CCTV and Mr John Chill Lee of China Animation Association visited Avigra Communication and Castle Production, Mr Darmono took them to meet Madame Zhang, the Ambassador of China. From left: Raymond (Avigra), Darmono (Indonesia Movieland), Madame Zhang (Chinese Ambassador), Ardian Elkana (Avigra), Wang Ying (CCTV), and John Chill Lee (China Animation Association).
Avigra just won a long term contract from UNICEF Indonesia as its graphic design agency.

Avigra was assigned by the Jakarta government to design and build a historical display of “Van Den Bos” in Museum Joang 45. The display is depicts the journey of a young Dutch soldier who was placed in Jakarta during the Second World War. Van Den Bos exhibit is funded by Jakarta and the Netherlands government.

Pustekkom and Avigra recently launched "Istana Animasi", an interactive display facility for children who are interested in learning animation, in the brand new TV-E (TV Education) building. Istana Animasi is conceptualized, designed, and built by Avigra Communication creative team.

Avigra just won a few corporate communication projects from : WOM Finance, Commonwealth Bank, Buana Finance, Bank Utomo, Bentoel, Kartini Muljadi, and FAO.

Avigra recently won a pitching held by Bank Central Asia for the yearly campaign of its Home Loan product : KPR-BCA. The campaign utilizes both above the line and below the line media.

Avigra recently won a collateral project from Asuransi Central Asia and Central Asia Raya Insurance.

Avigra was awarded a corporate image development project from Tripatra Engineering - the leader in hi-tech, oil & gas, and infrastructure engineering in Indonesia.

Avigra was entrusted by Kartini Muljadi & Partners - the leading Indonesian Legal Consultant & Law Firm to develop its corporate image.

Avigra just completed designing a brand identity for Eka Tjipta Foundation - a philanthropic & social foundation established by the legendary entrepreneur : Mr. Eka Tjipta Wijaya, the founder of Sinarmas Group. The slogan created for the foundation by Avigra is : good deeds create good seeds.

The International Banking Division of Bank Central Asia (BCA), the largest private bank in Indonesia, is agressivelly promoting its new products through a series of advertising campaign. Avigra developed both the product branding and the campaign for them.

Bank Victoria decided to appoint Avigra Communication to redesign and reposition its new corporate identity system. The new corporate brand is now being developed and will soon be launched.

Danareksa, Indonesia's largest government investment bank, commisioned Avigra to socialize its new corporate identity and to create a branding system manual to ensure consistent application.

Bank Shinta changed is name to bank Sinarmas. Avigra designed and developed both corporate identities and the TVC

British Petroleum Living Archive - a digital archiving system of BP Tangguh LNG Project - designed & developed by Avigra can now be accessed from a mobile phone. The archiving system is a state of the art HIGH-RESOLUTION image library that can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

Sinarmas Group commisioned avigra to design its corporate profile. Currently Avigra is working closely with the CCPR department of Sinarmas to gather data and information from all Sinarmas' companies

Charoen Pokphand Prima (CPP), the world’s largest shrimp exporter to the United States, appointed Avigra to handle its corporate communication program for its IPO. With market capitalization of US$ Million and a farm concession of thousand hectares in Sumatra island, CPP is truly one of the largest shrimp producers in the world.

The corporate communication division of Sinarmas Group is working closely with Avigra to ensure proper brand implementation in all of its business units. In addition to various collateral, signage system, and promo material, a few major items like the group profile is currently being developed.

Summarecon Serpong is Summarecon Group's largest developement outside of Kelapa Gading. Avigra developed Summarecon Serpong's corporate & product branding program, and corporate advertising campaign program.

Avigra redesigned a new corporate ID for Danapaint, one of the most popular consumer paint brand. Avigra also developed Danapaint's product branding system, packaging, color cards, and other collateral material.

After developing Sinarmas Group's rebranding and standard manual for its 150 plus companies, Avigra developed a new corporate identity for Bank Sinarmas, the newest financial business unit of Sinarmas Group.

Airland Springbed's campaign theme this year is: "Feel It" - a simple persuasive key word that motivates the consumers tohave a "marketing experience" with Airland's products. Avigra developed the key visual, and the other promotion material.

Avigra’s multimedia team has been very busy with corporate videos and interactive multimedia for BP (British Petroleum), Pindad, The Summit, La Piazza, BRI, SMART, Unocal, and Sinarmas. Travelling continuously all over Indonesia and Asia, the multimedia production team is truly one of the most occupied departments in Avigra.
HOT NEWS from Castle Production
Castle Production was awarded the Primaniyarta (Indonesian Export Excellence Award--Creative Product Category) by the Vice President of Republic of Indonesia : Dr. Boediono.

The Launching of Kabayan & LipLap animation series and The Indonesia Kreatif Trade Show was attended by The First Lady: Mrs Ani Yudhoyono, The VIce President's wife: Ms. Mufidah Kalla, and The Minister of Trade: Mrs. Mari Pangestu.

Castle is currently doing a lot of works for major movies. The projects were subcontracted by a major film special FX and animation production in Seoul, Korea.
Castle just completed four music video for the Ministry of Trade. The video features Debo, the winner of The Indonesian Idol show, and Kabayan, a popular animated character created by Castle.

The President of Republic of Indonesia, Dr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and The Minister of Trade Ms. Marie Pangestu witnessed the signing of LOI between Castle, Nan Jing Government, Zheque Animation, Indonesia Movieland and CCTV Dream Channel in Shanghai. The consortium is producing a major movie & TV serial entitled: Zheng He.
Indonesia Movieland, Castle Production's partner, recently held a dinner and a roundtable discussion. From left to right: Aditya (Indonesia Movieland), Bernt Kuhlman (Hollywood), Garry Plant (President University), Deborah Gabinetti (Bali Film), Dr. Titus Leber (Austrian Movie Director), Purnomo (Borobudur Temple), Ardian Elkana (Castle Production)

Mr. Wang Ying of CCTV and Mr. Budi Darmadi the Director General of Ministry of Industry witnessing the MOU between The China Animation Association, Wang Animation Suchou, China, and The Indonesia Movieland and Castle Production.

Mr Ardian Elkana, president of Castle Production and Mr James Wang of Wang Animation Taipei met in China to discuss future collaboration.
Kabayan & LipLap merchandise are distributed in many major cities in Indonesia. The DVDs & VCDs are sold in 33 provinces.

Kabayan & LipLap "Holographic Animation" was shown to the President & The first Lady, The Vice President & Wife, all the Ministers in the Cabinet, The General Attorney, The Chief Army General, and 4000 audience from 33 provinces in Indonesia during the inauguration of "Indonesia Creative Year 2009". The grand event was hosted by The Minister of Women Empowerment : Ms Meuthia Hatta and The Minister of Trade : Ms. Mari Elka Pangestu.

Here is a few of DVDs & books produced by Castle that are sold in Special thanks to our mentor, producer & client : Mr. RF. Pallavicini, Vision Video, VOM, our co-workers, artists and partners who have made these publications accessible for all the children in the world.

Eric Liddle Story Home DVD was awarded The Platinum Award in 2008 Houston Film Festival

Castle has recently completed a Home DVD for The Canadian Red Cross. The 2D animated story was created, directed, and produced by Castle's team led by Ms. Maria Tjhin (producer), Mr. Andreas radians (creative director), and Mr. Raymond Wong (animation director).

Castle just completed a Home DVD for the Ministry of Information & Communciation Technology. The title is "Punakawan", a popular Javanese folklore presented in a contemporary format.

Castle is featured in Jakarta Globe

Kabayan & LipLap, Castle Animation's first animated TV series for the Indonesian market, was officially launched by The First Lady of Indonesia : Ms. H. Kristiani Yudhoyono and The Minister of Trade : Dr. Mari Elka Pangestu. The series will soon be aired on two television stations

The President of Republic Indonesia : Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and the First Lady : Ms. Kristiani Yudhoyono visited Castle Animation booth at the recent Trade Expo Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Trade in Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta. Castle's booth was also visited by Ms. Mari Eka Pangestu, the Minister of Trade, Cameron R. Hume, the United States Ambassador for the Republic of Indonesia, and other diginitaries. A special Thanks to Ms. Mari Eka Pangestu, Ms. Dea Sudarman, Mr. Hastjarjo Wibowo, The Indonesia Design Power Team, The Ministry of Trade, Republic of Indonesia.

The Jim Elliot Story and William Tyndale are two of Castle’s latest 2D animation productions. Marketed in DVD format in the United States and Europe, the two titles are part of a series called Torchlighters. Castle’s animation team is now busy producing the upcoming series of Torchlighters : John Bunyan, Eric Liddle, and others.

After completing 13 episodes of Carlos Caterpillar for the United States and European market, The 3D animation team in Castle is now busy producing twenty six 11 minute episodes of 3D TV series for its clients in India and France. In addition, Castle’s 3D team is also producing pilots for a few International projects.

Castle animation's newest 3D animation project is : Grandpa Jake. The 11 minute TV series is based on a successful children book published by Aurora, Switzerland. In this project Castle is working together with an award winning director Robert Fernandez and a senior 3D animation director Phil Brathen.

Producing children books for VOM International is now one of Castle’s activities. “St. Nicholas” was launched in the United States market last December. Working together with a well known creative director : R.F Pallavicini, Castle is now producing the next titles : St. Valentine, St. Patrick, and others.

Castle was voted by Asia Image Magazine as one of the twelve most popular animation studios in Asia. The magazine named the twelve studios as : "The Asian Pride".

Castle Animation received the "INDONESIAN ICON" award from Ms. Mari Pangestu, the Indonesian minister of trade. The award was given to Indonesian companies which concentrate on producing high added value export oriented products.

Jim Elliot Story received the Golden Remy Award in Houston Texas. The animated home DVD was developed by Vision Video and Christian History Institute. The producer is Robert Fernandez. The animation is produced by Castle Animation.

Castle Animation is considered as a typical role model of a company that focuses on "CREATIVE ECONOMY". This is the News about Castle in Indonesia's largest circulated newspaper and magazine : KOMPAS and TEMPO

Just recently Castle Animation upgraded its internet & LAN system to enhance its services. Employing a Radio Internet technology, Castle is now able to enjoy a stable and fast data transfers. In addition to investing in Radio Internet, Castle also added hi-capacity, hi-speed double XEON based servers to ensure faster image processing capability. Castle has also upgraded its repository system to increase clients' convenience.

Forty five students from AMIKOM College, Yogyakarta visited Castle Animation studio. Most of them are design, mass communication, and IT majors. Guided by Agus Gunawan, the students learned the process of creating 2D, 3D animation, visual effects and post production.

Ms. Suzanna Mokalu of Cybermedia College and Ms. Maria Tjhin of Castle Animation presented a seminar on animation to high school students in Bontang, East Kalimantan. About one hundred students came to the seminar. The event was organized by PK-TV and supported by Avigra Communication and Pupuk Kalimantan Timur.

Castle recently won an animation project from the Ministry of Environment. The title of the animated film is ACIL.

Castle is currently producing 52 episodes of "Character Building Program" and "Mandarin Language Program" for the Ministry of Education's Pustekkom. Castle is also involved currently in the development of the animation display program in the ministry.

Castle and Pustekkom-Ministry of Education joined forces to build a mini animation center for children in Pustekkom's new building. The animation center, designed and built by Avigra, is called "Istana Animasi". The facility showcases animation works done by Indonesian animators and school children. In addition, it also provides interactive learning center for children who are interested in creating their own animation.

Castle Animation is featured in SWA Magazine .
HOT NEWS from Cybermedia College

Cybermedia College recently received a grant from The Ministry of Education, republic of Indonesia to train youngsters in North Jakarta. The program was officiated by Dr. Wartanto, the Director of Vocational Studies at the Non-Formal & Informal Education Department and Ms. Roslina Sinaga, the superintendent of the North Jakarta branch of The Ministry of Education.
Cybermedia College and Castle were visited by Supinfocom, France and the French attache' of culture: Mr. F. Alliod. From left: Juventus (Nexus Management), Maria (Castle), David (Supinfocom), Ardian (Cybermedia College), Friedrich Alliod (France), and Kilynn Tan (Netherland).
Cybermedia College has officially signed an Agreement (Pathway Program) with President University. Through this agreement, Cybermedia College, represented by Mr. Ardian Elkana as the Leading Director of Cybermedia College, dan the Chief Foundation of President University, Mr. Syonanto Wijaya, has succeeded in creating a mutual relationship to give the chance for students to achieve the higher level of education dan stimulated, to grow as a qualified human resource. Pathway Program allows the the students of Cybermedia College to obtain Bachelor Degree after completing 2 years program at Cybermedia College through credit transfer system.This program is valid for Cybermedia College students from all major, Graphic Design, Animation, Multimedia & Internet, Film & TV Production. Bachelor degree can be obtained by Cybermedia Collge students after completed 2 years studies at President University.

Cybermedia College just launched its new "Cyber Tips" on Jak-TV and YouTube. It features current graduates of cybermedia college : Yuli, Isa, Axel and Niko.

More than 100 people came to the opening of COMIC EXHIBITION & SEMINAR in Cybermedia College. The exhibition featured Chris Lie, a prominent Indonesian comic artist, and Lukman, an alumni of Cybermedia College, whose comics have been published by major publishers, such as : Elex Media.

Persada Nusantara Jaya Foundation recently entrusted Cybermedia College to run a "Korean language & cuture training program" for the foundation's skilled workers that will be placed to work in various industries in Korea.

Cybermedia College Yogyakarta sponsored a national seminar: Placement & Protection Strategy for Indonesian Skilled Labor with Training, Certification & Placement Program (3 in 1) that's attended by the Minister of Human Resources, Mr. Erman Soeparno.

Mr. Bo Andersson the president Grin Se, one of the largest game company from Sweden gave his overview about the global game industry to Cybermedia College Jakarta students as part of Grin Se plan to expand their business in Indonesia. He's expecting Cybermedia College students can contribute the development of global game industry.

Steve Bristow, founder of Lizard Animation dan Creative Licence, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia was invited to be a guest lecturer in Cybermedia College to give insights and knowledge enrichment to the animation students as part of Cybermedia College efforts to always give insights from global practioners.

Cybermedia College students visited Dian Rakyat Printing

The earthquake has caused severe damage to Cybermedia College Yogyakarta campus. But, thank God last June the management of Cybermedia College Yogyakarta was able to move its campus to an even better and more spacious location in BLPT Yogyakarta. Here’s the new address :
BLPT Area, Gedung B11-ICT Room,
Jln. Kyai Mojo No. 70,

Here are the photos of Cybermedia College Yogyakarta’s old campus that was damaged by the earthquake.

Working together with Jak-TV, and Wizzard magazine, Cybermedia is socializing the “cyber fever” to youngsters in Jabotabek area. Cybermedia team is busy going around schools and malls campaigning the importance of multimedia in our life today.

After successfully featuring distinguished speakers, such as : Robert Fernandez (USA), Ricky Corradi (Italy), Yoki Chin (Malaysia), Claude Kunetz (France), James Wang (Taiwan) Cybermedia recently featured Hari Varma (India), one of the most respected animators & special effect artists in India.

Enrollment is up, but admission is tougher. Cybermedia is implementing a rigorous admission selection test and talent search program in order to scout the best brains in the industry. Personal interview by the department head (Kajur) is also now a requirement for admission.

Cybermedia College is pleased to announce its link with Australian premeiere design & multimedia academy : Billy Blue School of Design. Students of Cybermedia can be directly admitted to Billy Blue and continue to get their bachelor degree in less than two years there. In addition to Billy Blue, Cybermedia also has links with Imperia College, Malaysia and Indonusa Esa Unggul university.
HOT NEWS from Eduliga Asia
PT Eduliga Asia is a joint venture between Avigra and Eduliga, Netherland. Installing e-learning system in more than 5000 schools in Netherland, currently Eduliga is one of the leaders in e-learning industry in Europe.



Koky & Toky, the first e-learning product of PT Eduliga Asia Is one of the four finalists in INAICTA Award Night. The event organized by The Ministry of Information & Communication is the most pretigious Multimedia Content & IT Competition in Indonesia.



The media monitoring division in Q-PR is now busy working on projects for Alcatel and Chevron Pacific Indonesia (CPI)


After successfully completing the corporate policy manual for BNI 46, QPR is now working on the socialization of a new programs from the Ministry of State Owned Company.
A few international CD-Interactive projects that have been completed among others are : Living Gospel (Pluribus Media, USA) and Treasure Attic (Aurora, Switzerland).



AVIN's latest corporate multimedia projects among others are : BCA Trade Finance, Chevron Pacific Indonesia, British Petroleum, and CBT (Computer Based Training) for Apexindo Pratama Duta (Medco Group).


HOT NEWS from HRD Department
The management and supervisors of Castle Animation attended a two-day "recharging session" in Puncak and Cibodas. The session was led by Robert Fernandez from the United States and Chris Jung from Mexico.

Ardian Elkana is busy going around and lecturing his design philosophy in many places : Hongkong Polytechnic University, Institut Kesenian Jakarta, Jakarta Convention Center, Yogyakarta Fine Arts Gallery, Surabaya, Digital Studio, and Bina Nusantara University

Cybermedia Yogyakarta's students came to Jakarta and visited Cybermedia Jakarta campus and several design agencies & production houses. The group was led by Arif Budiman, Cybermedia Yogyakarta's general manager.
HOT NEWS from Business Development
Avigra's and Cybermedia Yogyakarta's board of directors together with Kharisma Institute & Empire Putra College, Malaysia met with Datuk Fong Chang On, Malaysian Minister of Man Power, to discuss the development of Indonesian workers in Malaysia. Avigra and Kharisma have signed M.O.U to develop a training institute for Indonesian workers.

Suzanna V Mokalu, Avigra's business development director recently attended a one month leadership training in Hawaii. Fully recharged with new energy and spirit, Suzanna is now committed to position Avigra more advantageously in the global marketplace.

Castle Animation is expanding its 2D and 3D production capacity this year and will soon add a new production studio in the outskirt of jakarta. Young animators are invited to send in their application to Castle Animation.

Cybertips is a newly launched TV program focusing on multimedia production & creative tips. Aired on JAK-TV, PKTV (east Borneo), and Jogja TV, the program is produced 100% by Cybermedia College students under the guidance of Cybermedia's lecturers and academic advisors. Turn your channel to watch the program !
HOT NEWS from Sinetra
For two consecutive years, Sinetra has been supplying wholesome children's program to Indonesia's premiere education TV : TV-e . A few of Sinetra's program that is aired on TV-e are : Carlos Caterpillar, Jacob Two-Two, Milly Molly, Cosy Corner and Shape Space Measure.
HOT NEWS from ASkill
A-Skill is a new member of Avigra Group. Focusing in Human Resources Development, Training, and Placement in foreign countries, the company recently signed an M.O.U with PT. Sumberdaya Dian Mandiri (SDM) - a division of Indo Tunas Karya , the HRD division of Salim Group. A-Skill and SDM will focus their efforts in "exporting" Indonesian skilled workers in engineering, multimedia, healthcare, and hospitality industries to foreign countries.